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356 Continental Registry

Disclaimer: The following information is provided by owners and other sources and this website is not responsible for any inaccuracies provided by the submitter.  If there are errors noticed by the owner, please submit a Registration Form with the corrections.  Only Hoffman ordered cars are listed in this database as the assumption is that if a car was not ordered thru Hoffman, it is not an original continental.  Chassis numbers in bold denote cars with Continental noted on the Kardex.  Known existing Continentals are indicated by yellow shading.  Original Upholstery Color column provides the color or color combination for the upholstery.  If a "/" is present it denotes the vinyl material first and then the fabric upholstery, such as cord material.  As a general rule, coupes were supplied with vinyl upholstery, sometimes with cloth inserts while cabriolets were supplied with leather upholstery.  There is debate on whether Continental production started with the introduction of the 3 piece case engines or the commencement of the heater control moved to the tunnel from the dash next to the lighter.  The listing below includes both.

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